Elegant HALLOWEEN themed WEDDING/ goth dinner party centerpiece idea - black & silver - HOW TO MAKE tutorial - SKULLS & jewels table decor

I'm helping a friend plan a small wedding the end of the month on Halloween! 
I made these cool centerpieces for her tables. 

Here is the mock table set-up at my house. 

I love it and I hope she loves it too!

I purchased almost everything at Michael's craft store and used their awesome coupons. 

Ashland bamboo spray in the dried floral section. 
I tested what it would look like at the store. 

Do you remember the filing cabinet makeover post

Graham & Brown sent me the most beautiful wallpaper 5 years ago. I love the design and thought it would be perfect for the centerpieces. 
The photos don't do it justice. The paper is metallic grey and the skulls are raised and velvety. It'gorgeous!!!

Black Halloween floral spray 

Ashland jewel decorative filler 

I emptied the jar and attached it inside the vase with hot glue.
Then added the jewels around the jar. 

I used one jar of the jewels for each centerpiece.

Black rose vines & coiled garland (wired)

I measured the garland around the base of the vase and left some room for the flowers.

I attached the little plastic skulls with hot glue first. 

I cut the roses off the vine and removed the leaves. I hot glued 2-3 flowers between each skull. 

I folded the leaves and hot glued together. I used them to fill any empty spots around the skulls.

I made one vase template with the wallpaper and traced the rest the same size.

I attached the wallpaper with hot glue just above the jewels so you couldn't see the top of the container.

I set the vases on silver chargers with jewels around the edges. Then added some loose jewels on the plates. 

I can't wait to see photos from her wedding!

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