DIY- Wallpaper Filing Cabinet Makeover - Tutorial - Office Project - SKULLS!!!

So with being a tad OCD I'm also a huge pack rat. One step from hoarding so officially NOT a hoarder. :D My logic anyway.

On fbook we have a local "swap" site that people list things to sell or giveaway. The giveaway part is my problem and I frequently need to remind myself that my husband will kill me if I bring anything else home. BUT I couldn't pass up a functioning piece of furniture, right!?

A functioning piece of furniture that needed a mini makeover.

Pictures don't do it justice. It's amazing! 

Raised and velvety

Oooooh! I instantly wanted to cover every room in the house!!! Since that's not an option, I thought of 50 things I wanted to craft. In addition to that I'm stalking watching glancing on the swap site for any giveaways. It's really really fast pace and you have to post "I want it" first and then for the rest they type "next" just in case they pass on the item. Not bragging but I was first. What is it? 

Filing cabinet. :) I know, not that exciting but I was super pumped to do a mini makeover with the new wallpaper. It's so pretty I needed to craft something for my office so I can see it all the time.

First I took the hardware off...well, tried. The lock was a little tricky but the "fang" looking piece to the far left slides off to release the lock after the bolt is removed. I didn't know that but finally figured it out. 

Hardware finally removed and I could continue

Measured and re-measured and re-re-measured before I cut. For the lock I traced it from the inside and cut.

Ready to apply

I put a coat of Mod Podge on the cabinet and pressed wallpaper firmly. 
re-attached hardware and DONE!!

Oooooh ahhhhhh! I LOVE it! 

Oh the possibilities! Check back soon!

Thank you for stopping by!

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