Wedding ideas - bling wrapped silverware & DIY personalized plastic plates - HOW TO MAKE tutorial - Black & silver - Halloween / Goth themed party

I'm helping a friend plan a small wedding the end of the month on Halloween! 
So excited!

They are having BBQ and I thought of a few ideas to fancy up the silverware and plates. 

Bling napkin holders for the silverware and paper napkins. 

I found fake silver cutlery "Glimmerware" and black napkins at HEB and bling ribbon at Micheal's craft store.

The bling ribbon comes in so many colors and a few different sizes. Perfect way to match a color or party theme. I used the gold to make fancy treat sticks for the Red Carpet Event last year.

I counted 18 faux rhinestones of ribbon for each cutlery set. 

I rolled a knife and fork in a black paper napkin.

Wrapped bling ribbon around the center and overlapped the ends at the back side of the silverware set.

The ends overlapped by two rows. I put hot glue on the 2nd row and matched the other end over the hot glue. Held in place until the hot glue dried. 


I made 55 and used one entire roll of bling ribbon and a partial leftover roll. 

I added a design to the bottom of the plates to make them personalized.

I purchased the plates at HEB for $4.98. 

The bottom of the plate has a small edge. I had to size the design to fit exactly within that edge. 

I used double sided tape to attach the design underneath the plate.

The left arrow is under the plate and attached. I used the end of marker to go over the tape to take out any air bubbles. You can barely tell where I used the tape.

I made 55 plates.

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