Bacon cooked in the oven {SKULL EGG MOLD} Halloween Breakfast idea - Fun for the kids/adults

Breakfast of champions.....or weirdos like us. :) I found this mold last year on sale at our local grocery store (HEB) and had to buy it! On sale and it's awesome!? SOLD!

It came with instruction but I'm totally about ignoring them and just do it how I think. When it doesn't work out, then I read the instructions and say, "Ooooooh, now that's why mine didn't work."  Well that is exactly what happen this lovely morning. One of the boys had an amazing looking skull and the other had a clump of eggs resembling nothing. Yay me!

The secret.....separate the yolk. Don't just try to crack the egg and drop it in the eye socket.

Brushed the mold and pan with olive oil, separated the yolk, added the whites to the mold and then gently dropped each yolk into place. Low heat and it cooks the entire white and leave the yolk a little runny. No need to flip. 

Ever bake your bacon? Yes!? Then you know how awesome it is. No!? Then you MUST try it. 

Cookie sheet with foil, oven 350 degrees, bacon and 25-30 mins. EVERY PIECE IS PERFECT! I know it's a long cook time but you don't get splashed with grease, don't stand there flipping, and remember....every piece is perfect.

You can flip once half way thru but I'm too lazy for that. It could also be made the night before. That doesn't work in our house because cooked bacon is eaten bacon. 

Goes perfect as the crossbones to the skull. Awe! So cute!

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