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Lights, Camera, Action! 
The boys made these....ummm...I made these for the boys. :) These were the end of the year gifts for their teachers with a Hollywood Movie Star theme. After all, Teachers are the STARS of the school. 

Movie gift card by itself would've been great but we decided to make it a little extra special on presentation. Cute way to let the teacher know what an picture perfect year you had. Haha! Get it? Picture perfect! :)

Shredded paper or metallic
Boxed movie candy
Popcorn boxes
Award Trophies
Metallic star spiral 

I purchased the trophies and boxes from party city. Metallic shreds from Michael's Craft store.

I purchased AMC theatre cards in a pack, not any cheaper but sold in lower amounts. I needed one more and they didn't have them individually. So, I bought one Cinemark for his main teacher and added a little more money on that one.

Filled the popcorn boxes with paper. This is so you can see everything displayed. 

I printed the teachers names and double sided taped them to the bottom of the trophies.

I had some of the metallic star spiral from another project. I cut and twisted around my index finger at one end. They just added a little more sparkle.

So cute already!!!!!

I had some left over gold stars from a school awards ceremony and they were perfect to tape the gift cards on.

Made tags and tickets. Tags have a "Now Playing" and the teachers name under "Starring".
Tickets say From and the boys names.


FREE downloadable Terrific Teacher Movie tag you can print!
It's sized as a 4x6 photo print. Send to a 1hr photo lab or print at home.

CLICK HERE (then right click to save)

FREE downloadable ticket you can print!
It's sized as a 4x6 photo print. Send to a 1hr photo lab or print at home.

CLICK HERE (then right click to save)

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  1. Very cute! I saved the printables for future use. I got real lazy and just bought $3.50 flip-flops from WalMart for all the teachers and wrote 'Have a great summer' :/

  2. What a cute idea! Our PTO is doing the Movie theme for our Teacher Appreciation Week this year. These will be perfect for out gift card! Was the filmstrip font a free font you downloaded? I would like to personalize with the teacher's names, but I can't find the font online.

  3. Do you remember the size of the popcorn boxes? I see two size options: 3 3/4in x 5 1/4in or 5 1/4in x 7 1/4in. Thank you!