Celebrating with Dipped Oreos - Color theme MUST match - ribbon, sprinkles, tags - DIY stand / holder

I've been known to have a little, tiny bit of OCD....smidge maybe. Okay, who am I kidding. I'm the one in the pantry turning cans to face the front while throwing something away in your trash. Yes, it's that bad.

With crafting this is hard to be spontaneous and non-symmetrical. VERY hard. And if I'm going for a color theme EVERYTHING has to match. For example, I was going with a purple theme to match a logo and sprinkles do not include purple!!!

My husband, "Does it really matter?" Me: {{concerned look with mouth probably open in shock}} "Um, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Ahhh! Problem solved and the project can continue. 

Enlisted my two helpers that work for mess-up's :) This is unlike my hubby that doesn't help and thinks every one is a mess-up. 

Wondering about the PINK HAIR?

Sticked, dipped, sprinkled and bagged

Found matching ribbon. {{insert happy dance}}

Love how they turned out. Wouldn't be the same without the purple sprinkles.

Made matching tags. These took a few tries. My computer screen color and the printed version were a little off. This was totally not going to work. Everything MUST match!!!!

You can order personalized tags HERE

Serenity with a perfect match

They turned out so cute that putting them on a plate didn't do all the hard work justice

Used a 50% off coupon and got this for just under $6 

Wasn't sure how heavy the oreos would make it and was concerned the styrofoam might snap in half when carrying it. That would be embarrassing! So I used leftover pieces from a science project board (I don't throw anything out) and attached with hot glue. 

Wrapped with craft paper which is pretty thick and added a little hot glue to seal the edges

Since I didn't want any of the sticks to bend, I used a pen to pre-poke the holes


Super easy to carry and it looked awesome! Best part is I brought it home to reuse again. 

HUGE hit! Great way to celebrate 5 years of helping the homeless!


Thank you for stopping by!


  1. This is such a yummy idea!(your pictures are making me want to crave oreos...)
    Hi five for purple sprinkles! Your oreo treats look so much better with them, haha.


    1. You are so super sweet! Thank you for taking the time to comment and the kind words. I'll definitely have to check out your blog. Thank you again!