YOU ROCK! Teacher Appreciation Week IDEA - fun inexpensive gift - HIDDEN - Surprise treat in a can - FRUGAL and super cute!

We did these before for an end of the year teacher gift and filled with MONEY!
Awesome and the teachers loved it BUT I don't own a money tree (dang!) and it's way too expensive with all the teachers they have.

Art x 2, P.E. x 2, Music x 2, Librarian, main & switch teacher, nurse, receptionist, Principal and Asst. Principal.....Geez, I feel broke just thinking about it. 

Since the boys want EVERY teacher to feel special {{awwwwe}} this is what we came up with.  

Problem solved! Something inexpensive, cute, and a surprise treat to let them know they are appreciated. 


Lol, yes rocks. They are chocolate river rocks that look so real that I needed to add a tag that says they are candy. Also, the theme of the school is YOU ROCK! TEACHERS ROCK! The school ROCKS! 

AND we secretly hid them in a pop top can. 

Not much but just enough to make them smile. 

I purchased inexpensive cans with a pop top and no markings or instructions on the top of the can. We all know how to pop open a can, plus it takes away from the gift. 

Only time I like the markings on the can is for APRIL FOOL'S DAY fake outs AND replaced lunch for a prank. Priceless!

What cans to look for?

Remember to place the bags of rocks upside down in the can. They will open it from the other side.

If you want these tags I have a free download on THIS post

For the bottom I added shredded packing paper like paper Easter grass or tissue paper. The reason you need the paper is when you re-seal the can with hot glue it doesn't get on the bag of rocks. It just sticks to the paper. The glue doesn't have to be perfect because no one sees the bottom until it's already opened.

I measured and cut labels using the existing label removed from the can.

Double-sided tape and press around the can

Add a ribbon and done!

Super cute, right!?

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. where is the downloadable tag?

    1. Since I made all the labels personalized I don't have a generic label for the can. It's more for inspiration. Here is the link to the Rock Candy little round tags - Just right click and save.