FROZEN treats for dogs - Cool ideas for summer- DIY Homemade

Not only does it seem refreshing for a hot day but it also keeps my dogs entertained! Here are three COOL summer ideas for dog treats.

Treat dispensing Kong toy

Easy Treat Paste by Kong. Comes in Peanut Butter, Liver, Pepperoni, and Cheese and Bacon flavor.

Squeezable cheese (less expensive)
Peanut butter/almond butter

I just insert the nozzle and bend. Fills in seconds. 
When frozen it lasts so much longer!


Pick a few treats from each box. I like to freeze in a couple steps so the treats that float or sink don't end up on the top or bottom.

Fill bowl with treats and 1/2 the water - FREEZE

More treats and add water - FREEZE again

Optional but I like to add a little low sodium broth and freeze again. :)

Plastic bowls works best. Just a little pressure and they pop right out.

I usually place them in an empty (larger) water bowl. This way it stays in one place and the cool melted water/broth doesn't go to waste.

You can also set on the ground. They push it all over but it will melt faster. 

Note: Keep in mind the ice evaporates over time. Best if used within a few weeks of being made.


I found these cute 2 Pack Dog Bone and Paw Print Mold online but you can use any shape mold. I'm pretty sure my dogs don't care.

Yogurt, banana, and almond or peanut butter in a blender.

I usually do 1-2 bananas, 1 cup almond butter, 1 cup yogurt. Sometimes if it's too thick I add a little water.

For a SUPER easy NO MESS way to fill the mold see my tutorial video HERE
or  at the beginning of this post.

TIP: Place the mold on a cutting board or baking sheet. Makes it easier to transfer to the freezer.


The boys think these are fun since they can eat them too. :)

Thank you for stopping by!