DINOSAUR Birthday Party Ideas - DIY Dino Dig - GIANT Fossil Sand Pit - lava cover - LOTS OF DECORATIONS

Indoor GIANT fossil sand pit!! What a huge hit with the kids. My son's birthday is in January and we had some crappy weather leading up to his birthday. I thought this would be a fun idea to keep the kids busy. Also, I knew kids would go crazy with sand so I made a cover (see below) to stop the sand pit at any time. 

I just used boxes to make the bottom and sides. Covered the entire thing in craft or packing paper. I purchased at Michael's using coupons.

I made three mold sets and distressed with white and cream craft paint. Once dry I attached to the paper with hot glue. I didn't want the kids running off with them. They are breakable, especially the feet.

Filled with sand and ready to play!!
Sandbox sand was purchased at Home Depot along with the paint brushes.

Made cute personalized stickers for the brushes.
Printed on address labels and cut to fit the brush.

Pre-party fossil pit digging :)

Kids absolutely went crazy for it.
To make sure this activity didn't continue the entire party or/and kids were making a big mess, we made a cover. 

Dinosaur theme so we made a lava cover for the sand pit. It's just a large box broken down and edges rounded.
Both boys helped paint. Love my little helpers. 

I closed it up to start playing games. The kids could've stay here the entire time. They love it that much. 


I made these cool vines by twisting packing or craft paper. It didn't require any glue or anything. I added leaves cut from Crepe Paper Streamers.

This is the best picture of the side of the table. I used two different color table covers. One I cut the edges and the other I wrapped around the base of the table. BTW, the table is also made from boxes. 

Worked out perfect! One problem was the kids like to use the table to stand up and it can't hold their weight. I would suggest adding some weight to the base boxes. 

 I don't know if they still make the ones I used but I found these cool Dinosaur Theme Plates and Napkins.

I needed some filler decor so the boys helped paint these rocks from a cardboard box.

Since I had vines hanging everywhere we decided to add lots of balloons and long ribbon.

Purchased Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs that were for the kids but just like the GIANT DINO EGGS they were also decorations for the party.

I had Foam Dinosaur Masks for the kids too!

Outside I used more blow up dinosaurs, balloons, vines and ordered a personalized banner.

Don't mind all the dead plans and grass. Party was January so everything looked like that.

Dinosaur foot prints with craft paint leading up to the door. I used the same stencils as the invitations and silverware holders.

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