MORE Birthday Decorating at the OFFICE - Fun Cubical / Desk ideas - Candy bar cake, Streamers, Balloons, Ribbon, Cookies - SURPRISE your Co-worker / Boss

I love birthdays and I love decorating! Since I kinda set the bar high for the last office birthday, I needed to keep it going. :)

We recently had two birthdays and I wanted each one to be special but a little bit different. Here's what I did! 

 For the first birthday I made the streamer "jail" as we ended up calling it. Lol!

I love how it turned out. 

Panoramic picture makes it look rounded but it's straight.

I used two different color streamers with complimenting colors or different shades of the same color for each row. Orange and red, teal and lime green, light pink and hot pink, etc.

Painter's tape on the ceiling and floor for easy removal.

Once all the colors were taped I gently twisted the streamers and taped to the floor.

Cut excess off streamers.

Since the steamers and flexible she could get in and out without taking in down.

 Filled the space with balloons and made another candy bar cake similar to my Butterfinger candy bar cake and Cookies 'n' Cream candy bar cake.

I made this one with recycled boxes but I didn't have the right size. No problem!

I attached the corners together with hot glue and added hot glue on the right and left sides that touched the box. Filled the extra space with foil shreds.

I was also lazy and didn't wrap any of the boxes like the Cookies 'n' Cream cake. The candy pretty much covered everything. I did pre-warn her that I used recycled boxes. 

The Whoppers attached together perfectly.

I stacked two boxes inside to make the third row.

Attached individual Reese's around the top.

Saved a box of Robin Eggs (her favorite) from Easter. Topping on the "cake."

Filled in with individual Reese's Cups.

Ta-Da! She loved it!

The next birthday was for a new co-worker that I wasn't sure how she would take my over the top decorating. I decided to scale it down a bit.

 I made groups of curling ribbon and tied a knot at the end.

Used  painters tape again to attach to the ceiling around her chair above her desk.

It didn't look festive enough so I added some balloons in the center and a Happy Birthday mylar balloon on her desk.

Made her super colorful birthday chocolate dipped oreos

I prepped all the curling ribbon at home while watching TV so it only took 5 mins to put everything up. Still something special without a lot of time! 

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