DIY Bunting greeting card - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - FREE download - cute HOMEMADE banner idea

I love to mail cards but they can get expensive. Especially cards that have little decorations or raised embellishments. 

I created a digital file to print and cut out to create this cute bunting greeting card. 

I sent the file to our local 1 hr photo lab. Printed 2 4x6 prints.

I cut out each letter leaving a little white around the edges but you can cut them out completely.

I folded and cut a piece of white card stock measuring about 5x7 to fit the envelope I had.

Hot glue two strips of ribbon or cords. Layout the letters first to make sure you have enough room before attaching.

I used some 2mm leftover foam with a sticky back. I would've used white but you couldn't see the them.

I used a hold punch to cut out the foam dots. Attached the sticky side on the letter and hot glued the non-sticky side and attached to the card. 

It's hard to tell but all the little flags are raised off the card. So cute!

I finished the rest of the letters and trimmed the ribbon down and wrapped around the edge. Attached with hot glue.

4x6 download file HERE
(Click link and right click to save)

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