SIX Valentine's Day DIY Treat IDEAS! Class/Teachers/Friends - PARTY gifts!

These are some Valentine's Day treat ideas we've done in the past or planning this year. I tried to pick things that you could make/give in large quantities. Great for teachers, friends, classmates, etc. 

Dipped Strawberries
(store bought) but packaged for easy carrying.
The boys gave these for teacher appreciation week but they would be perfect for Valentine's Day.

The boys made these for all their classmates and teachers last Valentine's day.

We are making these this year for the teachers. 

Cake baked in a jar!!! These are always a hit. We made these for Christmas last year and teacher appreciation the year before. So easy. Could do red velvet cake or strawberry and vanilla. Ooooh. Might have to make these this year too. Tutorial HERE.

I just made these and they turned out so cute! Can't wait to give these out this year.

We made these for a class gift last year during Christmas and they were super easy and a big hit!

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