PRESENT - fun & creative wrapping IDEAS for kids - BIRTHDAY gift - sock MONKEY/rubber band gun

You might remember this "CRATE" present from an ANGRY BIRDS GIFT

This box is much smaller. 10 inch X 10 inch X 10 inch and instead of money it has an armed monkey. LOL!

My son said his friend likes monkeys and he wanted to give him a rubber band gun for birthday. to put it all together as a fun gift.  

Started with a box from HEB. 10x10x10 and some sharpies

Even decorated the bottom. More details on the box in THIS POST

Tried to fold in the part of the box with the most writing or leave it for the bottom. Whatever is easier.

Rubber band gun and rubber bands

Sock monkey

I used a ribbon to attach him and tie his arms in place. 

Found these grenade "water bombs" on sale after summer at Walgreens. I've also purchased some before from Wal-Mart. Filled with air instead of water. :)

Started to fill the box with grenades and added the monkey

Tried to position him so he would look like he was ready for attack

Then filled the rest of the box with balloons and closed with little dots of hot glue instead of tape. 

Labeled the box with printed text. This also covered any other writing on the box.

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PERECT royal icing for COOKIES! {{glossy, stackable, no runny mess}} Great for kids! SUPER EASY!

I wanted to share the icing recipe I make for the boys to decorate cookies. I don't have the step by step pictures, those might come later with the next batch I make. 

It's the most PERFECT royal icing for cookies! Simple to make, easy squeeze out, doesn't run off the sides and get everywhere, looks glossy and the best dries hard enough to stack the cookies!!!! 

Ever make cookies, take the time to decorate and put in a storage container only to open it up the next day to one large massive stuck together cookie? No, oh me neither. I was just asking. LOL. Kidding. 

I've had this happen not only to cookies for the house but I decorated and bagged the cutest cookies for a gift and the bag stuck/sunk into every cookie. UGH! 

Well, not anymore!!!!!!

Santa cookies the boys made 

I made some too! DON'T TOUCH the hat, boot, or Texas! Mine! 

Ooooh Ahhhh! Okay, now for the recipe. Sorry, not in a cute printable link but it's so easy it doesn't need it. 

1 bag of powdered sugar (2lbs)
8 tbsp milk (I used almond milk)
8 tbsp light karo corn syrup
8-10 drops of lemon juice (bottle or fresh) I used fresh and the drops were smaller so I put 10

Siffting ....NAH!
Add ingredients little by little.....NAH!

Put it all in the mixer
Cover with a towel so your house doesn't look like a powdered sugar winter wonderland 
Turn on low for a few seconds then up to medium
Mix for 8-10 minutes


I separated into 4 bowels and added food color. I only did red (pinkish,) blue, green and left one bowl plain white. 

Icing tips....NAH!

I bagged with cuplers and tips only to take them all apart and just bag and clip the ends of the bag. I had the smaller tips and it was taking too long to cover the cookies. 

They were delicious!!! Um...I mean, I guess they were because Santa only left crumbs. Dang near licked the plate clean. Geez!

Hope this helps!!!

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diy CANDY lights - Gingerbread house decorating - SO CUTE and SO EASY! Christmas fun!

Today we are prepping for our 2nd Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party. It's not until next weekend but this helps instead of waiting until the last minute. These candy lights were such a huge hit last year so we are making them again. By "we" I mean my son. You may want to make these yourself instead of the kids. Knives and lighters are not kid friendly :) He was 11yrs old (12 now) and did a great job handling the lighter. I love how cute they are and so simple to make.

One of the houses from last year. So CUTE!

Almond M&M's
Mike and Ike candy

We separated the candy and only used green and red but you could use all of them for colorful lights. My kids were super eager to just use the red and green. At first this seemed odd until I realized they wanted the leftovers. Sneaky boys!

Cut Mike and Ike candy in half, very carefully warm the cut end with a lighter and immediately hold agains the round part of the almond M&M. Hold for a few seconds and DONE!

I'm storing them in a ziplock until next weekends fun!

Decorating cookies??? 

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Christmas GIFTS - teachers, neighbors, friends - SANTA CAKES - baked in the jar! Fun idea that's inexpensive!

I love having super sweet and generous boys but sometimes it's hard to do on a budget, especially around Christmas. The boys want to give something to ALL the teachers...P.E., Art, Music, Receptionist, Nurse, Principal, Asst. Principal, Librarian, and to their main teachers as well. YIKES!!!! I can't afford notepads for that many so we are making red velvet cakes in mason jars!!! I made these a couple years back and LOVED HOW THEY TURNED OUT!!! 

Red velvet cake baked right in the mason jars!

Found these at HEB (grocery store)

I first put all the jars in the dishwasher the night before. I could fit 12 in a 9X12 baking pan with 1/4 inch of water in the pan. I filled all the jars 1/2 way with red velvet cake mix by using a ziplock bag with the corner clipped. Just SQUEEZE and PINCH to fill. SO EASY AND MESS FREE!!!!

350 degrees for 40 minutes

Added the icing and started hot gluing the ribbon and belt

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