Teacher Appreciation - gifts and treats for Christmas! - PERSONALIZED - class gift

The boys thought this was such a neat gift and I thought we should send something that wasn't loaded with sugar and make their jeans tight. Lol. We are guilty of sending those gifts as well ...quite often so this was a nice change :)  This could also be an idea for Teacher appreciation week.

I found these personalized notpads on sale a couple of months ago and thought they would be great for teacher birthday gifts. As the year started and I missed a few birthdays I decided to make them Christmas gifts instead :) 

I used a picture I took from a hot air balloon that had all the kids making out the school letters. Turned out AWESOME! Some other ideas - the school crest, actual photo of the school or a picture of your child and their teacher. I made the photo transparent about 50 percent so you can write on the pad.

Sorry for the blurred out names. 

Cello bags, punch, ribbon, tags, double sided tape and notepads

Used my favorite punch 1 7/16 scalloped lever punch by recollections (purchased at Michael's)

Added the tag and they were done! 

The boys also wanted to give something to ALL the teachers...P.E., Art, Music, Receptionist, Nurse, Principal, Asst. Principal, Librarian, and to their main teachers as well. YIKES!!!! I couldn't afford notepads for that many so we made red velvet cakes in mason jars just to show thought of them. (See! We are guilty of the sugary gifts too) I LOVE HOW THEY TURNED OUT!!! 

Red velvet cake baked right in the mason jars!

Baking details HERE

The boys made these for all the class - blog post here for free tag download
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  1. this is so cool. thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you, Barbara! I appreciate the great feedback! :)

  3. Greetings Elena!!! Your blog is filling me with inspiration. Great ideas!! May I ask you where you got the cardstock tops to help seal the bags?
    Were you aware that you can vacuum seal all your delightful treats in these bags? I vacuum seal first then attach a sticker. Thank you,

  4. Hi Dolores, Thank you for the nice comment. I made the tag and this is the link to download it for free .... http://craftibilities.blogspot.com/2012/12/dipped-pretzel-class-gifts-free.html

    I printed them on 4x6 photo paper from a 1hr photo lab so they would have a nice finish. I love matte paper! I folded it in half and used double sided tape to attach. I was not aware you could vacuum seal the bags and I love that idea. Thank you! I will definitely have to try that out.