Matching TIES - Hot Glue Gun PROJECT - Prop idea for family photos - PHOTOGRAPHY

Hot glue ties!!! Don't laugh. What!? This is not lazy...well, kinda. :) Lack of time was the issue or procrastination. This was last year and our last minute family photos AGAIN! Seeing how I haven't taken this years photo yet, it will be late again a tradition.

I had my dress and bought material but STILL had not made the ties. I was originally going to sew them but HOT GLUE to the rescue! Made three ties, belt, and ring for under $6.00 and 1/4 yd of material left! Whoohoo! (pretty proud of that)

Look how cute we look!

Glue gun and sticks
1 yard material
Velcro tabs
Fusible bonding web (Optional)

I only used hot glue for this project because the material was thicker. Test material before to make sure hot glue does not show through. If it does, I recommend Stitch Witchery to bond tie for a no sew project.

Traced a men's tie and on either side traced another tie. #1 will be the main part of the tie and #2 & #3 will be folded to the back. I did this because I didn't know how much material to use. I thought this would give me enough to fold and could trim excess off. 

Trimmed material and used the iron to press edges for easier folding.

Glue edges to make for a finished look.

Measure my husbands neck to determine length and traced his tie for width.

Making the tie knot. Again, traced it and then traced two more. One on either side.
Cut out and hot glued ends to attach and tucked all other edges to give it a clean look.

To add the knot - Fold tie in half and insert neck strap. Take ends of tie and feed it inside the knot. Slowly work it up to the neck strap. 

Add velcro dots to the ends of the next straps and your done!

For the kids I downsized the pattern onto a piece of paper and tested size for each child or if you have a child size tie you can trace instead.


I made myself a belt and ring to match the ties.

Bad picture of the ring but it was super cute

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