Thursday, December 20, 2012

Still mailing cards??? Neat tip to save some time!

I just saw a friend doing this and thought it was clever AND a HUGE time saver!

Glue stick to seal envelopes!!!! No licking, gross taste, paper cuts, or slobber on your mail. One little swipe and press!


75 cards sealed in minutes! 

If only hand addressing them was that quick :) I actually love doing it but so behind in sending them out this year. 

Here is our card


Back - the card has text in the middle with names and ages of the boys. I love how it turned out ....especially  with our little time frame. Every weekend seemed to be booked until Sunday. We took these on the 16th and I mailed them out Wednesday!

And this is random but I had lots of presents to mail this year and saw this cute idea on Pinterest. No more crushed bows...instead it looks like Santa's belt :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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