GIFT ideas that are fun and SILLY - lots of laughs

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I wanted to share some SILLY and FUN gifts our family gave and received this Christmas.

Definitely FUN (and usable) gift we gave my Mom. It was more of a joke and she loved it.

This is a great 21st birthday gift idea

Shredded paper,
Floral foam
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

I used a wire cutter for quick cut ...quick, not clean. It's okay, everyone looks at the bottles and never notices the sticks. 

I went to Twin Liquors and they have these ranging from .89 to $2.29. The Texas shaped tequilas (are also salt shakers) were a little more.
Hot glued the dowels to the back of the bottles.

Arrange in the basket and add the paper shreds.

You could also add lottery tickets or favorite snacks.

She loved it! I wish I had taken a picture of the wrapping. We kept calling it the blob present. Use a gift bag or just tie a bow if it's a gift.

Have a zombie fan? That's our family....remember our ZOMBIE PICTURE?

My only advise would be to buy a size larger then you/they wear. You need room to pull it over your look like a zombie! Boys wear 6-7 and 8-10 and I purchased the Large and X-Large for them. I wear either a Small or Medium but went with the Large in womans and my hubby wears Large so I purchased X-Large.

These are really cool! Draw a picture and watch it "crystalize" right in front of you. Almost looks like it shatters making it look metallic. The boys and Nana had a great time with them. Only downside is they change back to wet marker and even start to run down the window. Not sure how long (maybe a few hours) or if temps in the house caused the reaction. Anyway, we just wiped it down but it might stain if left on the window seal too long.

It works!
We had to use a paper to fan one drawing to get the crystals to start and another we touched the corner and it started.

Silly and fun stocking stuffer. Boys used these right away and every day since Christmas. They thought it was really neat that it made their face cold as the liquid went through. They started with milk but after they had to rinse them out (and Mom wasn't going to do it for them) they only used water.

My hubby got a MAJOR AWARD! This is totally a gag gift my Mom gave him but he had it put together and plugged in before the next gift was opened. :)

 I feel a telepathic attack is coming :) That's what happens when you're a Mom of only boys. My first thought was an X-Men character. Oh dear!

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I wanted to share some SILLY and FUN gifts our family gave and received this Christmas. cake gifts