Striped zebra cupcakes - How to make - hot pink & black and white zebra print themed birthday party idea

What a fun idea for a hot pink & zebra themed party!

 Years ago we made a striped cake that was red, white, and blue and thought this would be perfect to make zebra cupcakes.

I used dark chocolate fudge and classic white box mix. I recommend the directions exactly for consistency. I changed the recipe a little with an extra egg, milk, and butter but the batter was a little thick. 

Add black food color to the dark chocolate fudge.

Mix well to blend the food color.

Fill ziplock bags with each batter.

Cut off a small corner of the bag to control the fill.

Squeeze dark chocolate fudge batter in the center of the baking cup and pinch the corner of the ziplock bag. Switch to the next color.

Fill the center with the classic white batter.  

Continue alternating colors. Each time adding the next color into the center. My batter was a little thick so I tapped the baking tray on the counter to get the layers to spread. 

NOTE: If I made them again, I would make the layers thicker by adding more of each color batter when alternating.

Bake as directed. 
18 mins at 350 degrees.

I used pearl, silver, white, and black sprinkles.

Base icing I dipped in hot pink sugar sprinkles. 
Added more icing and sprinkles. 

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