Earring organizer with a picture frame - DIY craft that's easy and functional - perfect for dangle earrings - How to make tutorial

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I love how easy this craft was to make. 
Plus, I repurposed a frame that I accidenally broke.

 I purchased this decorative aluminum sheet on Amazon.  I comes is so many designs but I decided on the 12" x 24" elliptical design. 

I used the dremel to cut the sheet to fit the inside of the frame 12"x18" but it was just a tiny bit too wide and long. 

I used the dremel sanding tool to make it fit exactly perfect.

I origninally wanted to attach the back of the frame and covered with skull wallpaper from the filing cabinet makeover and Halloween wedding centerpieces. You could't see the awesome skull pattern so I ended up leaving the back open. This worked out better and I can easily attach the backs of a stud or earrings with a post.

I attached the aluminum sheet to the frame with hot glue.
I'm so excited that this turned out so cute and it's functional. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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