Halloween deco mesh wreath idea - Dollar Tree finds - How to make tutorial - Easy and inexpensive

Look at this super cute Halloween wreath!!

I just love Dollar Tree for holiday signs and crafting supplies. I recently found 18" wreath frames!! Usually they only sell 14" so I was super excited. 

Deco mesh (5.5")
Wreath form (18")
Chenille stems/sticks or pipe cleaners
Wire cutters

Ribbon from Michael's. 2 1/2" black glitter and orange and black stripes. 1 1/2" black ribbon. 
Frame, sign, and deco mesh from Dollar Tree.

This black and white striped mesh was found in Christmas and not Halloween. 

I usually roll the mesh like on the Halloween table centerpiece and summer wreath I made. This time I cut the mesh 17" long and made little butterfly bunches. 

Roll ends and flip over.

Bunch together in the center.

Cut chenille stems 4" or longer if you want and secure in the middle.

See! It looks like a butterfly. 

Now make a bunch!

I made 48 total.

I attached all the chenille stems on the center ring in each section.

The sign was thin so I used a piece of wood attached with hot glue before stapling the chenille stems. I attached 3 on the back of the sign and added a little hot glue to secure the staple.

I removed the rope hanger and used the chenille stems to secure the sign to the metal wreath form.

6' loops with a 5' tail. I made loops and twisted in the middle before making my next loop. 

I unfortunately don't have great pics of the bow because that black glitter was EVERYWHERE!!! 
It's pretty but pretty messy. 
Dovetail cut on the ends of each ribbon.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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