Valentine's Day Cards!!!! Mustaches and Marshmallows :)

I LOVE how these turned out! I was going to just print 4x6 pics and attach the mustache but after the photoshoot I spent the extra money and ordered double sided card stock cards :/ Pricey...yes but 1hr photo printing just didn't do them justice.



I found these mustaches at a local party store for .19 cents

I was going to attach them over their face to match the mustaches in the picture to look 3D but the double sided tape would tear the card when the kids took it off. :( I just stapled them to the back.

Now what we did for Valentine's Day....

I wanted to share this WAY before Valentine's Day but I didn't get much of it done until the night before. Posting for ideas for next year. 

Since most valentines come with candy and we were doing mustaches, I decided to let the boys hand out chocolate dipped marshmallows too!!!

LOVE these straws and was going to order online but ran out of time. I went to my favorite store {{Micheal's}} and THEY HAD THEM!!!! YAY!!!!

They were the exact ones I wanted, little hearts and stripes

They also had these cute micro heart sprinkles

I used candy melts same as HERE
I like to dip the end before inserting in the marshmallow because they stay together so much nicer

I set them in a glass while they dried. It's really really fast!

Then dipped in chocolate and sprinkles

Again in the glass while they dried

Love these little bags. I purchased them at Micheal's but they sell them at party stores or Wal-Mart

Then added a little red ribbon

I wanted them to be personalized so I made these little tags

They print out on a 4x6 photo that you can send to your local 1hr photo lab. 

I used my FAVORITE PUNCH with the scalloped edges or a CIRCLE PUNCH will work too

Click HERE to download 4x6 Happy Valentine's Day tags for FREE
(right click and save)

They were a HUGE hit!!!

They have a personalized tag in the back...awww

Remember THESE rubber band bracelets my son was obsessed making!? He made Vday ones for the girls.....yes, GIRLS with a S!!!! Oh dear! 3rd grade and I'm in trouble :/

Little box of chocolates, dipped marshmallow and the bracelet in a small pink bag. 

We also made something similar for all the teachers with Lindor truffles.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!

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Heart {{cutout}} Sandwiches - Super cute for VDAY!

I have so much to share!!! My Vday cards are done and turned out just perfect! Next post I promise. Plus an additional idea I ended up scrapping....maybe next year.

All month I've added little heart themes to the boys lunch box including making these little heart cutout sandwiches. Super cute for Valentine's Day!

Peanut butter and jelly and Salami and cheese

I found this fondant heart cutter set at Michael's by Wilton....possibilities are enless!!!! Thinking of using the tiniest heart to make itty bitty cookies for Thursday! Eeeee! They will be so cute!

Jelly on the botton and done!

Cheese on bottom and salami


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FOOTBALL cupcakes with 3D chocolate design

My hubby went to a Super Bowl party so I made some cupcakes. I tried to make them burgundy and purple but they looked like Valentine's day cupcakes instead of 49ers and Ravens :/ Plan B

Chocolate and Vanilla with buttercream icing. SO CUTE!!!

Melted some chocolate candy melts - same as this post
and filled a ziplock bag

trimmed the edge just a tiny bit

made my football

Wax paper over it


Moved wax paper up

and repeat!

Placed in the fridge for just a few minutes

Peeled off the wax paper and turned over to use the flat side

added the laces and let them dry

"Grass" tip :)

Big cupcake tip

Football sprinkles

And Ta-Daaaaa!

Easy way to make chocolate designs

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