Teacher Appreciation Week - "TEA" cher downloadable tag

Teacher appreciation ideas from this week. I wanted to post what we handed out each day but I got a little behind. Maybe for next year. :)

We did a repeat from last year. For details and downloadable tags click this POST
We made these for all the teachers. So quick and easy! Not to mention inexpensive too!

Happy "TEA"CHER Appreciation Week!
A little something to let you know you are appreciated!

Tea and tags :)

 Since I print at a local 1hr photo lab it has coding and dates on the back. I decided to make it front and back to cover that up.

Used double sided tape to attach them. 

The tea bag was a little long and covered the THANKS and apple so I folded the bottom and attached with double sided tape.

Easy peasy!

FREE 4x6 downloadable tag
I sent the file to a local 1hr photo lab to be printed but you can also print 4x6 size at home.

Click HERE to download 4x6 TEA tag for FREE
(then right click and save)

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  1. You are fabulously creative!! Where do you get the all the cute templates like the tea one?