There's "Muffin" like a great teacher! {{FREE TAGS}} PUNS for Teacher Appreciation Week - gift IDEAS!! Part 6

Part 6 of ideas I did last year for Teacher Appreciation. Hope these give you some inspiration!

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 Who doesn't love muffins?

Super cute, right!?

I made everything with school colors - Black & Red
First to pick out the mini baking cups. 

Made a batch of banana chocolate chip mini muffins....yummmmm!

Used the same little bags as with the MARSHMALLOW post

Made little tags that say, "There's "muffin" like a great teacher! Thank you for being you!"

I was determined to upcycle these egg cartons so my first idea was to cover up the text with cardstock. It ended up still showing and I needed to cover the back....ugh! Too much work! 


I wrapped a plastic bag around the bottom and inside

Then spray paint them. SO QUICK AND EASY!

The inside is free of any spray paint (wouldn't want the muffins to absorb that smell)

Filled with muffins! Perfect fit!

For the outside I took scrapbooking paper (thick glitter page I found on sale)

Measured and cut

Rounded the edges

Keeping with the Red and Black color theme I added a little red glitter paper and a personalized tag on the outside.

Love how they turned out!

On the inside I cut the cute little sayings and placed them inside


Also made one box for the receptionist 

And one for a friend :)

I put this post together really quick so if I left something out or you want more info just comment and I'll reply. 

These muffins are awesome (and healthy) so I'll try to update with the recipe soon :)

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. super cute idea! thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE your blog. thanks for all your hard work putting these articles up for us to use. I love a great craft!

  3. Hi,
    I'm in 10th grade and i was wondering where you found all your amazing crafts!!! These are super cute ideas and i was going to make a few for the end of the year gifts for my teachers….. respond as soon as you can. Thank You!!!!!