Nail Stickers!! Quick and Easy - tutorial

I'm obsessed! I found these about two months ago and love love love them!

I wash my hands and hand sanitize ALL day long and they make my nails much stronger and they last for over a week. (one set lasted for 20 days!!!) No nail polish chips, no broken nails, and since I'm such a hand talker (like directing traffic) my nails look great all the time.

I would like to say my hands are really dry and I just took off red nail polish prior to putting these stickers on....translation - no comments about my crappy looking hands. :)

Takes about 7-10 mins to apply. A little longer the first time but it gets quicker.

I purchased these at HEB for $5.97. 

These are the only ones I've tried but her are other brands ranging up to $13

Start by taking off all nail polish and file. I cleaned up my cuticles as well.

Place strip over the nail to measure. Make sure you start on one side and bend the sheet to see if it covers to the other side. If you place one that is too small they will wrinkle and lift. Sometimes they look a little big but once I press the edges they fit perfect.

Grab stickers at the very bottom since that part will not be attached to the nail. Don't want to weaken the stickiness.

Start at the cuticle

Press firmly for a few seconds

They go around the edges and press to make sure they are attached

Now to remove the excess edge

I fold it over

With a DOWNWARD motion I file all the sides. If you go back and forth it will lift the sticker.
It doesn't take much. 

The edges are filed enough to just pull the excess piece off

Then again in one motion NOT back and forth you can clean up the edges or a jagged spots.

These ended up be my least favorite of the ones I've put on so far. Not that they didn't last but in the beginning I washed my hands a bunch after putting them on and they had a few wrinkles. I put clear nail polish under and pressed down and they looked fine. But still, such a pain after I just put them on. The white also showed wear when they started to dull around the edges after about 7 days. I wore them for 11 days and unless you were up close they looked fine. 

 MY FAVORITE were the pink zebra with jewels. THIS IS AFTER 20 days and they looked AWESOME!

They even have them for kids!!!! These fit a 2yr old.

Tutorial video

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