I made these last year for Memorial Day and for a themed teacher luncheon a couple of years ago. ALWAYS a huge hit!!

Gummy bears, Parchment paper or wax paper, sparkle gel, candy melts, food color,
 toothpicks, and edible markers

Gummy bear cruelty. Cut the gummy bears apart into threes. Hubby thought I was having an anger issue and not sure why I was cutting the heads off gummy bears. Haha! 

Shish Kabobs!!!

I used the top to a large sprinkle container to trace my template. Perfect size!

Melted and mixed black candy melts and white candy melts. 

I used a #2 tip and placed parchment paper over my template and traced grill tops :) 

I did the same thing in THIS POST and it has a little more detail pictures.

Made a few extra incase they break when removing them.

Once done I placed them in the fridge to dry and harden faster. You can do room temp but they melt in your hands too fast. 

Made cheese

I made these kinda fast and now looking at the pic they look like more like poo patties then hamburgers....ummm....I'm glad I added the cheese :)

Colored my icing yellow and orange

alternated colors when filling the bag 

 I don't like dark colors or red since they stain kids teeth/mouth :/ I opted for Wilton Sparkle Gel for red. 
Great for cupcakes but doesn't dry well so I would not recommended it for cookies.

Placed my grill tops

Then all the BBQ "food" 
Mini hamburgers (some with cheese and some without,) kabobs, and steaks. 
All made from candy melts except the kabobs.


Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I seem to have a hard time melting the candy enough to get it in the bag. Any tips would be great. By the way they look awesome.

    1. I use the microwave. First 40 sec and stir them around, then another 20-25 seconds and they should be melted. Sometimes they have a few lumps but if you keep stirring they melt down. Hope this helps.

    2. Do u use candy melts for cheese and hamburgers?