DIY Dungeons & Dragons pendant / keychain / necklace - dragon eye - D&D or How to Train Your Dragon party favor idea

Being the Mom of a Dungeon Master is serious business. 
I always try to have D&D related snacks, treats, or little gifts. 

I made necklaces & key chains for the next session. 

Remember my mini glass jar pendants? I made some with dragon scales to match the dragon eyes.

 I put a few on suede cords to wear as a necklace.

 I saw these cool set of eyes at Michael's. They look like dragon, cat, and human eyes.

I walked around the store with one eye and tested the size with every jewelry setting to see what would fit. I found two. One was on clearance for $2.77 but they only had three and the other came in a set of six but already had a flower pattern sealed in the pendant. 

No problem. Sharpie to cover the edges and used super glue to attach. 


I really like the larger pendant.

I like just he dragon eye on the key chain BUT then I found these cool mini metal books (that open) and dragon claws.

I used the mini books on a necklace chain instead of the key chain.

I found jumbo glitter in the embossing section at Michael's.

Instead I made mini glass jars with dragon scales. 
I also added a small confetti with text. So cute!

The confetti doesn't stay on top but you can see it if you shake the jar.

After looking at the eyes it was just printed paper glued to glass. Next time I might try to paint my own. 

I made D&D chocolate dipped oreos with tags.

I usually have pizza and candy trays too. 

Sour Patch Kids, Sweettarts, Nerds, Spree, Bottlecaps, and Airheads Extreme Bites.

Whoppers, M&M's, Mini Twix, Mini Snickers, Mini Milky Way, and Crunch Bunch.

Next I'm making chocolate D&D dice!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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