Custom BLING Ear Protection PART 2 - DIY Swarovski rhinestone craft - Girls & Guns

I made blinged out ear protection before in pink and absolutely loved them. 
Well, I dropped them one to many times and they broke. Beyond repair. 

My last post was all about how this was one of my most hated and loved crafts and took forever to make. Since they did turn out beautiful when finished, I decided to make them again. 

I purchased low profile ear protection and spray painted silver.

I started by buying Swarovski crystals at Michael's one at a time with coupons like before but I didn't have nearly enough and it was getting so expensive. This was about the time that I remembered why I hated this craft so much. Lol. 

I searched online and found almost the exact same crystals online in bulk and SO MUCH CHEAPER! Plus I have a ton left over to maybe do something else.

I started with the large 5mm crystals around the edge. Then worked my way from top to bottom to fill it in the rest with 3mm and 4mm sizes.

Still took forever but I love them!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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