RAINBOW donuts - Quick & Easy - St. Patrick's Day Breakfast IDEA - Lucky with a pot of gold

I always do a fun breakfast for St. Patrick's day and this year it's donuts!

I wanted quick and easy. :) Or Lazy. Lol!

Two scoops of icing, green food coloring and mix. Heat in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.

I only dip once and place on parchment paper.

I cut 1.5-2" from each strip.

Add a little icing (that wasn't microwaved) at each end and make an arch. It won't be that stable so use marshmallows to hold it in place.

I started with one mini marshmallow on the inside of each side. Then add as many as you want.

I used 5 marshmallows per side.

Added a rolo candy in the center as the pot of gold. The boys actually only ate the donut and saved the candy for later.

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