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This is the first house we've had a niche and not only do I have one, but I have three.
What is a niche? A recess in a wall and all of mine have shelves. Before now I didn't even know how to pronounce it right and still not sure. Lol. Some people sound it out as niCH or kneeSH and for now I'm saying kneeSH.  

My first thought,"Grrrreat, something to dust." I despise dusting and only planned to decorate once and never change it. Then Christmas and Valentine's Day came around and I'm kinda having fun changing them.

Here are two of the three currently. I'll take a photo of the third one and update.
Valentine's Day theme. 
Not sure if I'll keep changing them for the holidays but for now it's forcing me to dust. :D

The bottom photo is my absolute favorite of my boys. 
I'm still working on decorating and testing out different looks so you'll see some of the same things. Also, I don't have that much filler crap and trying to slowly find new things. I have some floral and might try that too.

Valentine's Day I have a heart basket with candy and didn't want two candy dishes. I filled the glass jar with dog treats instead of candy. We have FOUR dogs and they are loving the quick access to their treats.

This one is down the hall. It's finished but only have a photo while I was working on it. This one also has a shelf that is a little warped and certain things amplify that. 

I would like to buy something rounded and maybe hang it on the wall in the top part or maybe stencil, or paint or add lights. Hmmm....

BUT I don't have that much to fill 2 entire niches. I added large ornaments as filler on one side.

The jar on the second shelf is missing the diffuser sticks when I took the photo. Just in case you were wondering. :)

Our decor at our old house was brown, black and olive green. Now we have a new new rug and throw pillows that have burgundy and more blacks and greys. I'll keep you posted on my next update.

St. Patrick's far. I'm in the process of making a green photo block like the Valentine's day blocks.
My absolutely favorite photo of the boys. <3

I found these Ferrero Rocher candies on sale after Valentine's Day - 12 for $1
It's our "pot of gold." 

Lucky sign was purchased at Micheal's with a 50% off coupon.

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