DIY LARGE Dog Bed Idea - STUFFED with Old Clothes - NO SEW Fleece Tied Blanket

I had leftover fleece material from a baby photo shoot years ago. I wasn't thrilled about the color but I didn't have any other use for it. I decided to make a large dog bed the same way you make a no sew tied blanket. 

I had two old throw pillows and LOTS of clothes that were too far gone to donate but I didn't want to throw them out. Jeans with holes in the knees and shirts with stains and/or tears. I've dressed my zombies for Halloween the past few years but still had a couple bags left. 

I used the clothes as the bedding/stuffing for the dog bed!!!! Genius!! Plus ALL the animals seem to love the bed soooo much and I think partly because it smells like us. Clean clothes but still has our scent. :)

I said "dog bed" BUT the cat took it over. 

Slowly she's allowing the dogs to use the bed with her. LOL! 

The dog bed is made just like a fleece tied blanket.
I started with 3 yards of material, folded in half, and cut. Now I have two large pieces. I trimmed the edges to make sure both pieces were the same size.

Pinned the two pieces together all around the blanket to keep it in place while I cut strips.

I measured a 3x3 square and cut from all four corners.

Then I cut 3 inch strips all around the blanket. I kinda made the strips thicker so it would bunch up when tied so I could fill the bed vs and blanket.

Tie the top and bottom strip together.

I tied almost all of them except one corner. Then started filling with old clothes.

As for the center, I gathered a bunch and used a rubber band to hold in place. It was to pull the loose material tighter. 

Dogs finally have the bed.....for now. :)

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