DIY Color changing LED lights - Teenager room decor idea - How to tutorial to connect light strips - bedroom makeover

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We added LED lights to my sons room and he loves it!

We purchased these from Amazon since it said 32.8ft. I originally thought it was going to be one roll. It's okay since you can connect them.

It's pretty obvious now but the g - green, r - red, b - blue. These must line up in the same order when connecting.

The remote already has 20 colors and a bunch of different fade speeds BUT you can also customize your own colors under the DIY buttons.

They are pretty easy to attach. Just pull the protective plastic off the back little by little to expose the sticky side of the tape. Work in small lengths since it's really sticky and you don't the strip to stick to another part of the strip.

Now for the tricky part. Connecting two strips together.

I purchased these connecting clips from Amazon

Cut on the line provided. We did test that you must cut here and here only. 

It's a little hard to get the strip to slide under the metal prongs since the back is sticky. I rubbed the area to make it less sticky and kept trying until I got it fully under the prongs. I did try to leave the protective plastic on but it's too thick to fit.

Photo shows the prongs touching but not fully under the prongs. 

Do the same for the other side. Make sure to match up the G, R, B. Also, before you continue to place the strip, cycle through all the colors. If one is not connected right you'll know before you attach the strip to the wall. I am speaking from experience. :/

It turned out so cool. 
NOTE: The brightness fades on each additional strip you add. We connected three strips and the 3rd strip is visibly lighter but only on some colors. White is the most noticeable. You can hardly tell on the main colors or when it fades colors.

We did try a 4th strip and it was a drastic change in brightness. We had to start a new connection at the base. (Two are provided for each plug)

One strip starts at the base of his dresser and goes to the right around the door, up the wall, and around the ceiling. The second strip starts at the base of the dresser and goes left behind the dresser, around the door, up the wall and ends at the strip on the ceiling. The two that meet on the ceiling are not connected to each other. 

We ended up ordering 3 boxes and going around his ceiling and down the wall and around two doors. There was a little left over and we used it around the TV. 

One remote will work all the strips no matter how many you have connected or new strips. You might need to be closer to the sensor if you have multiple plugs with sensors. We only used one plug (two connectors) for everything on the walls. We did use a second plug for the small area on his tv.

It's very soothing to watch the colors fade. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. Any questions? Just ask! 

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