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I love making drunk gummy bears! 
I've made them for Super Bowl parties with themed colors, birthdays, Halloween, GNO, and a 21st birthday. 

It takes a little prep time but they are totally worth it!

What you need:

I used a new vodka this time called The Lone Star Vodka. 
It was given to us as a gift and I really liked it.

3/4 oz steel jigger to measure the vodka. I had to look up what this thing was even called.

Fill each cup with 3 bears and the vodka will cover them completely.

Put them in the fridge and wait 5 days.

They should be pretty big and will be left over vodka. I pour the excess vodka out of each cup to a bowl and make a small batch of drunk gummies for the house.

I did find out after making them several times that they get more drunk with just a few friends. (Individual serving cups with 3 bears) They get less drunk in a big group. (bowl full of bears) :)

These were for two friends turning 50.

She loved them and so did her party guests!!!

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