Princess JEWEL NECKLACE ((hot glue)) - Fun DIY CRAFT for dress-up jewelry - SUPER EASY

I wanted to make this adorable big jewel necklace for a special birthday celebration (Breakfast at Tiffany's theme party) but the only problem was I decided to makit it at 2am :/ Figures! That's what happens when you're a night owl.
The perfectionist in me is screaming about the "messy" look of this craft but I've accepted it and moving on. It did turn out super cute and you can't see the messy back.

 I made a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and ring to match!

Afterwards I gave it to the birthday girl to add to her dress up bin. She loved it and called it her princess jewels. I thought it's so easy and inexpensive that you could make one to match every outfit!

Or if you are having a princess party you could make these as party favors or for all the guest to wear at the party. Such a fun craft!

Jewels (found at Michael's Craft Store)
Hot glue gun
Hot glue
Tulle (softer the better)
Ring base - optional
Earring base - optional

I started out by laying the jewels to make my design. Next, I added a little hot glue to the edge of each jewel and pressed together. I made sure to lay it down after attaching them together to ensure they design would be flat.

Once I completed the design I cut the tulle to a similar shape and trimmed excess. I secured the tulle with a little swirl of hot glue. Once it cools a little you can press it down with your fingers. Be careful! (not pretty on the back but it works)

I used the tip of the hot glue gun (heat, no glue) to melt the rough edges. The tulle made the necklace more secure and after the edges were melted it was unnoticeable when worn. The softer the tulle the less scratchy spots you have to fix.

I attached a ribbon to the ends with hot glue.

The ring is a base I found at the craft store and attached with hot glue. The earrings were little cheap tiny flowers I had that were flat and attached the jewel on top of the flower.

Thank you for stopping by!

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