Turn boring into ULTIMATE! HOT CHOCOLATE that's extra fun and super easy!

Finishing our decorating today and I have a furry "helper" and by helper I mean getting into everything, sliding into the tree skirt, eating garland, taking down ornaments, climbing the ladder, and sneak attacking from boxes. :)
She made it to the top and I felt like busting out singing, "fly like and eagle" as she dove off onto the couch. Pretty impressive. 

For my two boys I made what they call "ULTIMATE" Hot Chocolate. This is a tradition while decorating the tree. 
They get so excited and mouth drops open EVERY time! 

Being lazy I just used package hot cocoa with milk (not water...YUCK!). 

For an AWESOME creamy crockpot hot chocolate recipe see THIS POST

What? Marshmallows? Nah!

THESE are marshmallows :)

Whip cream and sprinkles

Almost done

Fun straw to top it off


You could also add chocolate syrup and candy canes!

I'm doing a hot coco bar for the teachers lounge this week. I'll post pics soon.

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