Sunday, January 20, 2013

PERSONALIZED Crazy Straws!!! - Such a great gift idea!

I ordered these for embellishments for presents and cute little gifts to add in Vday or Easter packages. 

Kids love straws and now they can drink through their name! Cool right!? ONLY downside - There's a five letter limit.  :(

For my cousin Nathan I had to make NAT 

Straws are $3.00 each

To buy go to

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  1. beautiful and attractive colors....

  2. We recently upgraded to 6-letter Name Straws for $3.99 and 7-letter Name straws for $9.99!

    Order yours at See you there!

    1. Apologies on behalf of the over-zealous marketeer that posted the above reply.

      Thank you Elena for the amazing mention and know that we adore your artistry in each photograph.